SARRALLE improves the consumption and efficiency and reduces the downtime at ARCELORMITTAL OLABERRIA (Spain)





SARRALLE improves the consumption and efficiency and reduces the downtime at ARCELORMITTAL OLABERRIA (Spain)

SARRALLE completes successfully with state-of-the-art technology the start-up of the complete modernization of the Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) of ARCELORMITTAL Olaberria (Spain), in the agreed time and cost.


The turnkey project consisted of the revamping of the furnace, the combustion chamber and the implementation of SARRALLE automation package for this process. The intervention of SARRALLE contributed to a more efficient fusion process and the increase of the productivity by 30%, improving not only the performance, but also the production process of the whole steel melting plant.


The renovation of the installation achieved a significant reduction in the power off time, the time in maintenance shutdowns, the energy consumption and the electrode consumption. In addition, the post-combustion process generates a more efficient fume treatment process and reduces the temperature of the steam at the outlet of the chamber by redesigning the installation using advanced dynamic simulation tools of gases.


Previous works with ARCELORMITTAL Olaberria (Spain)

This furnace, already improved in 2003 by SARRALLE, is in the top of "bench mark" within ARCELORMITTAL steel plants. The objective of this new rehabilitation is to further improve its ratios and have an EAF in the current state of art. The above described work is the sixth project that SARRALLE is executing for ARCELORMITTAL Olaberria. The first job was in 1994 with the revamping of the refining furnace, followed by the aforementioned complete remodeling of the EAF in 2003, the installation of an automatic slag door in 2015, the revamping of the casting machine in 2017 and the extension of the evacuation in the rolling mill currently running in its facilities. The modernization of the EAF is a new project for the ARCELORMITTAL Group, and adds to the recently signed in Belgium, giving the idea of the reinforced relationship between both groups.


The furnace modernization area has been an important part of the business of SARRALLE in the last years, due to the undertaken important projects in this field. Among the companies that have relied on SARRALLE's technology for their revamping projects in EAF furnaces are Ascometal (Hagondange) or the Cognor Group, with two new installations within its group, among others.