SARRALLE upgrades 2 EAFs, 1 FES and 1 RM at COGNOR GROUP (Poland)





SARRALLE upgrades 2 EAFs, 1 FES and 1 RM at COGNOR GROUP (Poland)

SARRALLE is proud to announce the three EPC projects award in three different steel plants of COGNOR GROUP in Poland. The modernization of the whole facilities will last 14 months and will allow the Polish steel group to double its production.


SARRALLE is responsible for the engineering, supply of equipment, supervision of the assembly and commissioning of the plant of the 2 Electric Arc Furnaces (EAF), 1 Fume Exhaust System (FES) and 1 Rolling Mill (RM) that will be operational by the end of 2019.


Works will be conducted at the COGNOR GROUP’s production division branches HSJ branch in Stalowa Wola, Ferrostal Łabędy branch in Gliwice and Ferrostal Łabędy branch in Kraków, which produce semi-finished and finished steelworks products, both long (smooth bars, flat bars, sections) and flat (thick and thin sheets) for the machinery, mining, energy, railway and defence industries.




COGNOR will modernize its EAF to increase its productivity from 200.000 Tons per year to 400.000 Tons per year. The scope of work consist of:


  • Replacing the existing low pressured hydraulic station, which does not allow faster movements in the EAF anymore.
  • Increasing the hot heel of the furnace keeping the same tapping capacity.
  • Installing a new modern electrode regulation system – SARCON, taking advantage of latest developments made by SARRALLE.
  • Replacing the existing electric & automation part (Main EAF, PLC, HMI…), including new technologies related with Industry 4.0.

The execution of the work will last 40 weeks and the first heat is expected to be by the month of September this year.



The plant upgrade will include the following production units:


  • Electric Arc Furnace (EAF).
  • Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) power supply (new 60 MVA power transformer).
  • Fume Extraction System (FES), Bluesky- Plant® technology developed by SARRALLE.
  • Electrical and Automation equipment including a new Statcom system.
  • Plant auxiliaries.
  • The company is planning to modernize its melt shop facilities to increase productivity from present 380.000 Tons per year to 500.000 tons per year of carbon steel and low alloyed steel billets.
  • Due to the expansion of the production in the EAF the generated primary emissions during power-on phase, secondary emissions during the furnace charging and tapping operations, and emission from LF during ladle treatment operations, FES extraction capacity needed to be escalated accordingly.

In order to reduce the shutdown period SARRALLE performed the works in two different phases: first one; new spark arrester, filter, fans and chimney installed in parallel to the existing aiming to increase extraction capacity and filtering of the plant and the second phase, the primary circuit and secondary circuit.

The execution of the work will last 14 months and the first heat is expected to be by the month of September this year.



The duplicity of the production will allow to increase the outcome of the rebars and profiles as well. Therefore, improvements needed to be accomplished in the Rolling Mill area.


The execution of the work will last 12 months and the first heat is expected to be next summer.


Although it is the first Rolling Mill project for COGNOR GROUP, SARALLE Rolling Mill counts with experience in the country with the audit of a rolling mill of ARCELORMITTAL in Warsaw. Poland is an emerging country with many opportunities for SARRALLE. Currently, we are quoting for many more projects and we expect to be awarded soon.


After commissioning mentioned projects, COGNOR GROUP will have the state of the art equipment, increasing the productivity of its current workshops with an appropriate return of investment and complying with the Environmental Regulations through sustainable practices.