SARRALLE performs comprehensive solutions for all technological control systems and provides complete automation such as:

  • Sub-Stations
  • Automation configuration
  • Design and testing of Level 1 & 2 applications for the entire melt shop
  • Programming with several types of hardware (Siemens, Allen Bradley and others)
  • Customized services with HMI pages in any required language
  • Online, direct Customer Service
  • On-site commissioning of equipment
  • Dedicated Training for all solutions
electric & Automation

The careful selection of the components and the optimization of the configuration of the automation package provided by SARRALLE allows our Customers to obtain the following advantages:

  • Reduction in the amount of hardware required
  • User friendly interface with the HMI and higher level control systems
  • High speed troubleshooting and fault detection, easy maintenance, high level of efficiency, energy saving
electric & Automation