Complete range of Ladle Furnaces from 6 to 340 t with simple and very sturdy design, based on proprietary engineering of all the supplied components:

  • Roof with inert atmosphere based on special skirt-type design.
  • Water-cooled components with intensive water flow using 25% less of required water quantity.
  • Side-mounted roof lifting mechanism.
  • Conductive electrode arms of box-shape design made of copper & steel plates.
  • Twin LF station for highly productive melt shops.
  • Swinging roof solutions for limited room areas in melt shops.
  • Ladle self-loading stations to reduce the work-load on melt shop cranes.
  • Automatic sampling & temperature lances.
  • Wire feeding systems starting from the coil to a complex guiding System.
  • Automatic couplings for stirring gas connection to the ladle.
  • Emergency stirring lances.
  • Electrics & Automation (Level 1 & 2)
  • Electrode regulation system.
  • Injection technology for solid materials (slag builders, carbon, calcium carbide, etc..).


By the experience gained in the last twenty years through the design of the LF, significant achievements in terms of metallurgical process and performance gains have led to a considerable amount of savings for steelmakers. Electrode regulation combined with superior process know-how allows a reduction of energy costs and electrode consumption and a more precise yield of alloy materials at all stages of the Secundary Metallurgy refining process.