SARRALLE Electric Arc Furnaces are based on decades of experience providing our Customers with an innovative design and high quality manufactured equipment supported by our highly experienced technical staff.

SARRALLE designs and produces a complete range of AC and DC Furnaces from 6 to 300 metric tons for various charge mixes (scrap, HBI, Cold DRI/Hot DRI and Hot Metal), based on proprietary engineering and including all key components, such as:

  • Full platform design with a single tilting hydraulic cylinder.
  • Conductive electrode arms of box-shape design made of copper & steel plates.
  • Roof with single lifting point.
  • Water-cooled components with an intensive water flow design solution which results in a reduction of 25% of required water quantity.
  • Burners and oxygen injectors.
  • Water-cooled copper boxes for injector installation on the EAF shell.
  • Injectors for carbon, lime and any other solid materials.
  • Electrics & automation (level 1 & 2)
  • Electrode regulation system.
  • Automatic EBT cleaning and opening device.
  • Automatic sand filling device.
  • Automatic sampling device.
  • Automatic slag door with scrap pushing and sill cleaning function.
  • Liquid bath weight controlling system .


The key feature is related to the flexibility of the melting process for the same furnace operating with different charge mixes. In today’s market conditions, the costs of scrap or other iron bearing sources are so variable that the operation of the EAF must be able to adapt to these different situations.

The shell geometry, namely the height to diameter ratio plus the resulting volume play an important role in the design of the furnace to optimize the number of charges going from a single bucket scrap charge to continuous DRI / HBI feeding or the addition of hot metal which can be poured through either a launder on the slag door or via the EBT balcony.

The special design of all water-cooled elements with a specially spaced pipe design and optimized flow patterns lead to a reduction of 25% of required water flow versus competitor designed systems. Also, a reduction in the number of operating personnel per shift with the possibility of involving only one person in the main control room based in large part on the supply of fully automated operations such as sampling, slag door sill cleaning, remote service of the EBT system and remote furnace tapping allow for reduced operating costs for our customers.

  • Fully covered key safety issues limiting the rate of human injuries and accidents.
  • Fully reproducible automated melting process conditions and recipes, regardless of the type of raw material selected
  • Reduced energy consumption to 300-350 kWh/ton of liquid steel with optimized chemical energy packages
  • Electrode specific consumption in the range of 0.9 kg/ton - 1.2 kg/ton of liquid steel with the occurrence of electrode breakage approaching zero.