Despite several operations can be performed through the slag door, the main application of the conventional slag door is the tapping of the slag by tilting the furnace. During EAF operations, unmelted scrap accumulates in the tunnel of the furnace wall from the furnace interior to the slag door opening, limiting the access for the sampling and injection equipment. Besides, the generated slag tends to freeze in large quantities. As a result, operators must regularly clean out this area by means of specific devices, such as oxygen lances, mechanical pushers etc, a technique that is highly dangerous for the operational personnel.

SARRALLE STEEL MELTING PLANT has developed a REMOTE CONTROLLED SLAG DOOR which provides EAF steel makers the following:


  • Safety Improvement.
  • Maintenance Cost Reduction.
  • User Friendly Process Optimization.
  • Eco-friendly Operations.


  • Strong equipment design and dimensioning to withstand the hardest conditions inside the furnace.
  • Water cooled elements and/or externally coated for protection.
  • Position control by means of linear position transducers.
  • Equipment designed with easy accessibility for maintenance activities.
  • Minor modification required in the existing Upper Shell.
  • Integrable in existing Hydraulic units.
  • Control of Automation easly integrated in existing Automation System (Dedicated HMI Screen).

Download Sarralle Automatic Slag Door Brochure