SARRALLE revamps the ladle turret and builds the installation for delivering slabs at ARCELORMITTAL BELGIUM (Ghent)





SARRALLE revamps the ladle turret and builds the installation for delivering slabs at ARCELORMITTAL BELGIUM (Ghent)

SARRALLE performed its first project for the ARCELORMITTAL steel plant in Ghent (Belgium) and consisted of dismantling the previous ladle turret of the continuous caster and replacing it with a new one. The turret is able to handle 2 ladles with average heat size of 330 Tons (470 Tons gross weight). As an extra enhancement the ladles are able to tilt for optimal emptying.


SARRALLE was able to keep the strict total lead time of the project within 15 months (between order and commissioning). Engineering was performed flawlessly with a good co-operation between customer and SARRALLE. The dismantling of the existing turret and the installation of the new turret was established in an 18 days shutdown in December 2018.


From start-up until now, the turret was operating in full availability, without any failure or unexpected shutdown.


In the first quarter of 2019, SARRALLE executed the second project for ARCELORMITTAL plant in Ghent (Belgium) consisting of a slab transport system; from the slab yard to the furnace loading machine at the hot strip mill. The ultimate aim was to exploit the full capacity of the newest furnace, and at the same time, reduce the work load for the slab yard. SARRALLE handled the project for the mechanical part – from engineering to commissioning. This included manufacturing, logistics, assembly, and the field installation of the equipment. All executed without affecting the production of ArcelorMittal. The start-up of the slab loading installation has already taken place, after the necessary adjustments, without incidents.


The project was executed by SARRALLE in 18 months, in accordance to the client's fast track schedule, involving 30 people (engineering and assembly technicians) from both companies.


This is the second successful project of SARRALLE for ARCELORMITTAL Ghent, after the modernization in the same plant of the Continuous Casting Turret, and adds to the thirty projects that the group has made for ARCELORMITTAL in other plants and countries confirming the confidence of ARCELORMITTAL in SARRALLE.


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