Sarralle Projects in the USA

SARRALLE consolidates as a strategic supplier for the largest world steel manufacturers in the United States.


SARRALLE business group created in 1965, EPC specialist and leader in industrial engineering in the steel, environment and energy sectors, develops turnkey projects for the main international steel manufacturers. Our long trajectory supports us as a strategic ally capable of undertaking any complete job, including engineering, automation, hydraulic and electrical work, equipment manufacturing, assembly and commissioning.


SARRALLE supporting the Steel Legends

The experience and knowledge gained by SARRALLE allows us to consolidate ourselves as a key EPC supplier for the main international steel manufacturers in the United States, as evidenced by the latest contracts awarded in the country with companies such as Arcelor Mittal and Nippon Steel Corporation (AM/NS Calvert), North American Stainless (NAS), Steel Dynamics Inc. (SDI) and Nucor Steel Birmingham.

The assistance of SARRALLE in the execution of these projects provided all of them with improvements in their productivity, as well as the consolidation in their respective markets increasingly competitive and globalized.


SARRALLE Offices in the United States

Sarralle has been operating in the US since 2013, when we opened our offices in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Since then, the collaboration with our clients has been very satisfactory and for that reason this year 2021, we decided to open our second location in the state of Alabama, specifically in Mobile city. This allows SARRALLE to be even closer to our clients attending to their requirements in person in a more comfortable environment for both parties, as a permanent and close collaboration channels between SARRALLE and our clients.






One of the greatest milestones of this season was precisely the contract awarded by ArcelorMittal and Nippon Steel Corporation to build a complete and totally new plant with state-of-the-art equipment allowing AM/NS to produce in the first half of next year, 1,5 million high-tech steel plates from its own facilities.


Integrated technologies at AM/NS Calvert positions the manufacturer as one of the most technologically advanced steel plants in the world with a more intelligent, automated, ecological, efficient and safe production process.


The plant will include the following latest-generated equipment by Sarralle:  EAF, Twin Ladle Furnace, material handling plant, Fume treatment system, Statcom System and auxiliary equipment.


This is undoubtedly the consolidation of a stable and trust collaboration between both parties, since SARRALLE has undertaken more than 50 projects for Arcelor Mittal all over the world.



More information about AM/NS milestone here






Another important project of SARRALLE in the United States is the one undertaken in 2018 for Steel Dynamics Inc. (SDI) Roanoke Virginia, with the supply of a continuous caster designed entirely by us, in addition to its manufacture, assembly supervision, commissioning and pre-tests in our facilities before it is sent to the client.


SARRALLE has successfully completed the first of three phases of the modernization and automation work of the mid-section of the next-generation machine, which will be key for the new markets and will allow to provide operational consistency as well as higher product quality.


SARRALLE Continuous Casting Machines are designed for a wide range of section sizes, operational flexibility and steel grades which include:


  • Billet - Round - Bloom - Beam Blanks - Slab.
  • Open and submerged tundish to mold casting operation.
  • Standard structural and SBQ steel grades.






In addition to both works, the project awarded to SARRALLE by Nucor Steel Birmingham to convert its 56-ton electric arc furnace (EAF) into an EBT automatic opening design.


This furnace upgrade brought significant improvements to the smelter operation, safety, and all the benefits that the EBT concept offers, including increased productivity, reducing slag entry into the ladle, and the use of ferro-alloys.


Our intervention provided Nucor Birmingham with a completely new furnace based on SARRALLE's comprehensive engineering including civil works and electrical and automation equipment. The manufacturing was carried out in our facilities in the north of Spain.


SARRALLE Blue Efficient Arc® - Electric Arc Furnaces are based on decades of experience providing our customers with an innovative design and high-quality manufactured equipment supported by our highly experienced technical staff.








The last contract awarded in the United States was closed this May for North American Stainless (NAS), one of the largest steel manufacturers in the country. The scope consisted on the supply of a new fully automated slitting line (0.4 to 3.0 mm thick) for the transformation of steel coils up to 35Tn, which will start up in the first quarter of 2022.


SARRALLE will design, manufacture, install and commission the line including the mechanical, hydraulic and electrical parts, as well as the manufacture of the new electrical cabinets. The line will be fully automated, with a new PLC and Level II connection to existing ERP in NAS. In addition, the new line will consist of the combination of the modernization of a line from Acerinox France and the design and construction of the new one.


This new investment further consolidates NAS as a leading manufacturer of stainless steel with products and services of the highest quality, with the best technology and with a considerable increase in its production.




More information about NAS milestone here




These projects reaffirm SARRALLE as an ally for the large steel manufacturers worldwide.