New Ladle Turret for PEINER TRAGER GmbH (Germany)





New Ladle Turret for PEINER TRAGER GmbH (Germany)

PEINER TRÄGER GmbH, an independent subsidiary of the Salzgitter AG and one of the most successful European steel companies - worldwide with more than 140 years of success, trusted our company SARRALLE Steel Melting Plant (industry leaders designing and manufacturing equipment for the steel industry worldwide for more than 50 years), to replace the Ladle Turret of the continuous casting plant SGA1 at their Peiner Träger Works.


The deep relationship of trust that was developed during all the phases of the project finally leaded to the success. SARRALLE Steel Melting Plant was selected and awarded by PEINER TRÄGER GmbH for its know-how, experience and flexibility designing sophisticated equipment.


This new Ladle turret will be able to support 2 types of ladles (oval and cylindrical) of 170t and 200t respectively with a rotation of 360 degrees.


The contract was signed in April 2020. The disassembly of the existing and assembly of the new Ladle Turret will be carried out over a period of 3 weeks during the plant shutdown of Summer 2021.


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