Up great, Repair and Maintenance of gearboxes for wind turbines.

In SARRALLE we are endorsed by our extensive experience, expertise and know-how in industrial equipment maintenance, as well as in full installation services for any industrial and wind gearboxes. Our skills made us a reference in Inspections, defect analysis, engineering, Up great, and Repair of gearboxes.

SARRALLE develops the re-engineering that improves the state of existing gearboxes, executing redesign, repairs and fabrication services for critical components. Upgrading an older gearbox not only reduces the risk of failure, but can also deliver significant performance improvements. We evaluate and recognize every aspect of your needs: from the concept of reverse engineering, with root cause analysis of possible defects, to the studies related to the product durability improvement, preventive maintenance of the gearboxes and extension of the useful life.

SARRALLE your future technologist!