Hydrogen Technologies

On its way to helping steel companies in the challenge of decarbonization, sustainability and energy savings in the steelmaking process, SARRALLE presents innovative solutions based on hydrogen technologies.



Intensive energy consumption with high CO2 emissions


The steel industry has always been considered a traditional sector of intensive energy consumption and with high CO2 emissions. It is estimated that 9% of total CO2 emissions into the atmosphere come from the iron and steel sectors.


The current situation of climate and energy crisis, where the cost of gas and electricity has exceeded historical highs, and the recent entry into force of energy saving measures at European level, urges steel manufacturers to implement new innovative technologies that make possible to achieve these objectives.



To this end, SARRALLE already includes within its portfolio of services and products, innovative oxy-combustion solutions with natural gas, and even taking another step, for the operation of this equipment with 100% green hydrogen. These solutions are applicable to new equipment or even existing equipment that currently use natural gas as fuel. SARRALLE also provides solutions for the generation of green hydrogen in the steel manufacturing plants.


Conditioning of equipment to oxy-combustion, with natural gas or 100% Green Hydrogen


The main steelmaking equipment with large natural gas consumptions that can be conditioned to work with green hydrogen are the burners of the Electric Arc Furnace, Ladle Heaters, Tundish Heaters, Continuous Casting Oxyfuel-Cutting and the Reheating Furnace, the latter equipment with the higher natural gas consumption, whose transition to hydrogen represents a huge advancement in terms of emissions, energy savings and therefore economic savings. SARRALLE offers oxy-combustion and hydrogen technology applicable to all these equipment, thus enabling savings in natural gas consumption and the total decarbonization.


Generation of Green Hydrogen in Steel Manufacturing Plants


Aware of the difficulties of the steelmaking sector for the hydrogen supply in their manufacturing plants to enable the transition of their existing equipment from operating with natural gas to using hydrogen as fuel, SARRALLE has gone a step further by offering to this sector the engineering, manufacture, supply and commissioning of green hydrogen generation equipment.




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