SARRALLE Tailor Made Rolling Mill Solutions




SARRALLE Tailor Made Rolling Mill Solutions

Our business line SARRALLE Rolling Mill is driver for hot rolling long product mills technology thanks to our experience and attitude to fulfil the requirements of the most demanding Customers Worldwide.


Nowadays, the demand for flexible and economical production of long products can be achieved by innovative process, electrical and automation new solutions and, as a consequence , many years of research and development, mainly dedicated to process modelling and faster and higher performance control system.


We design all our devices using 3D Software tools, taking into consideration the most appropriate material and thermal treatment in order to provide devices able to work for life. Furthermore , pre-shipment running test are carried out to reduce the erection and commissioning time periods.


Our Rolling Mill portfolio:



  • Medium Section Mills

  • Heavy Section Mills 

  • MBQ Mills

  • Bar Mills

  • SBQ Mills

  • Wire Rod Mills

  • Reheating Furnaces

  • Water Treatment Plants

  • Green Efficient Rolling Mill

  • Electrical, Control & Automation : Level I , Level II


Our main drives: Productivity, Reliability, Ergonomic and easy-to-use equipments , Delivery Time & Quality Control by Own Manufacturing,  High availability rate .



SARRALLE Rolling Mill Brochure


SARRALLE Rolling Mill Brochure


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