KOBELCO Eco-Solutions appoints SARRALLE for the development of the waste gasification plant at Hooton Bio Power facility (UK)





KOBELCO Eco-Solutions appoints SARRALLE for the development of the waste gasification plant at Hooton Bio Power facility (UK)

In December 2018, SARRALLE was awarded a contract from KOBELCO ECO-SOLUTIONS to design, engineer, manufacture and supervise the erection of the peripheral equipment for the waste gasification project on the Hooton Park site, near Liverpool in the UK. Burmeister & Wain Scandinavian Contractor A/S (BWSC), a Danish turnkey contractor of power plants, was awarded the EPC contract for the plant and KOBELCO ECO-SOLUTIONS is the technology provider specialising in the particular waste gasification technology used in the plant.


SARRALLE is looking for further experience and to extend its reach into waste management and its subsequent recovery processes. KOBELCO ECO-SOLUTIONS, a specialist environmental technology company based in Japan, has completed more than 20 ACT (Advanced Conversion Technology) plants in Japan and South Korea since 2000. BWSC, a global supplier of turnkey power plants, has completed 10 biomass-fired power plants in the UK in the past decade.


KOBELCO ECO-SOLUTIONS selected SARRALLE to be part of the gasification facility project – the first of its size to be non-subsidised. The plant will be operational in the second half of 2021. However, SARRALLE will deliver the equipment by the end of the current year (2019). The Hooton project was developed by CoGen, an end-to-end developer of gasification projects in the UK. The Hooton facility will gasify some 240,000 tonnes of waste per year, generating in excess of 200 GWh of electricity annually - enough to power about 50,000 homes, lowering carbon emissions and energy costs whilst promoting indigenous growth and stimulating innovation.


SARRALLE is proud to be involved in this type of waste gasification project in which some of the sector’s leading companies join forces to demonstrate the collective drive, which is helping to shape the energy mix of the future. Also, this will be the first project of this kind that SARRALLE will develop in the UK. The recovery of the waste contributes fully into the paradigm shift from a linear economic model to a circular model, which affects all productive sectors and makes it possible to transform waste into a source of profitable energy and to contribute to environmental sustainability (allowing the production process to be closed in a sustainable manner by reusing all the elements of the procedure).


In fact, waste management and subsequent recovery of waste is one of the main lines of action of SARRALLE,  among the waste-to-energy generation projects (using solid waste as fuel) executed within this business area, the following achievements can be highlighted:


  • The expansion of the Ventaa Incinerator (Finland)
  • Modernization of the Sant Adriá del Besos Incinerator (Barcelona - Spain)
  • Participation in the Zubieta Incinerator (Gipuzkoa - Spain)
  • Plasma oven for recovery of precious materials from electronic circuits (USA)

Likewise, projects accomplished within the area of waste recovery in fields as diverse as the Marpol Line Project (Tanger) a waste generated during the service of oil tankers.