SARRALLE introduces cutting-edge rolling mills tailored for the production of larger sizes of beams, channels, angles, flats, and specialized sections. These mills epitomize versatility and efficiency, featuring a comprehensive product range and typically adopting a reversing mill layout.



  • Key Features: The core of this mill design incorporates a two-high Breakdown mill, orchestrating the initial passes with a fully automated guiding system. This system seamlessly rotates and shifts the billet, setting the stage for subsequent passes. The finishing tandem mill, a pivotal component, boasts a configuration comprising universal and two-high stands, utilizing Sarralle Compact Stands to optimize performance.


  • Automated Change Systems: To enhance operational fluidity and maximize plant utilization, our stands are equipped with quick and automatic change systems. These systems ensure rapid adjustments, minimizing downtime and promoting efficiency throughout the production process.


  • Finishing End Excellence: The Finishing End area of the mill is meticulously designed to prepare finished product packs and stacks with unparalleled flexibility. This strategic layout ensures optimal efficiency and convenience in the final stages of production.Innovative Equipment for Minimal Losses: SARRALLE takes pride in its commitment to innovation, exemplified by our state-of-the-art equipment. This includes innovative solutions aimed at minimizing material losses, ensuring that your production process is not only efficient but also resource-conscious.


In summary, SARRALLE's rolling mills for larger sections embody a harmonious blend of advanced technology, automated systems, and thoughtful design. With a focus on flexibility, efficiency, and minimal material losses, our mills are poised to elevate your production capabilities to new heights.