We Build Innovation. We Work for your Future


SARRALLE is at the cutting-edge of technology to cover both on-going and future challenges in the Industrial Sector, implementing the principle of continuous improvement based on simplicity, flexibility, efficiency and sustainability.


We are fully committed with innovation and technology, our main challenge in the upcoming years is to offer our customers the custom-tailored smart plants of the future, where all components work in harmony to achieve cost and time efficiency, process optimization and enhance decision making to manufacture the highest quality products. Connected, intelligent, flexible, automated, conducive to health & safety and environmentally friendly, this is the new age of industrial plants SARRALLE offers you.


SARRALLE professional team consists of highly-qualified engineers and the best international experts in different fields, who provide comprehensive solutions for various lines of business.


SARRALLE is actively involved in different European programs of research, development and innovation fostered by different Institutes like Tecnalia, IK4-Ikerlan and Universities as Universidad de Navarra and Mondragoi Unibertsitatea.


This successful collaboration has materialized through innovative results.