SARRALLE is one of the world's first class supplier of Cut-To-Length (CTL) Lines ,with references at major steel processors and mills all over the world.

Possibility to process a wide range of materials and thicknesses, coming from different industries like automotive, naval, aeronautic, white goods or laser cutting applications.

High quality in levelling , reduction of man power and highest productivity.



The leveling concept developed over the last years enables our machines to achieve extraordinary leveling results for ultrahigh strength steels or downstream laser applications, where memory free material is a must.

SARRALLE can offer different technologies depending the application and material properties: mechanical o hydraulic technology, split drive or our patented ePull System




  • Materials
    HR & CR coils, carbon steel, stainless steel, coated coils, tinplate, aluminum
  • Material Thickness
    0.3 to 25.4 mm
  • Strip Width
    up to 2,600 mm
  • Coil Weight
    up to 45 tonnes
  • Line Speeds
    up to 100 m/min