Work in Sarralle

We Have a Project for you, Join us and Achieve your Goals.


We have a lot of differents projects for you in our five business lines: Steel Melting Plant, Rolling Mill, Processing Lines, Environment & Energy and Workshop & Storage System. Whether you like to commercialize the best product or service, design the most modern plant, manufacture the impossible or be the best in commissioning any equipment and installation, in SARRALLE we need your talents.


Our employees are our most valuable asset. Founders and employees made nowadays SARRALLE and we are sure that only People like you will continue the legacy of a leading company like SARRALLE.


Find out below the most exciting career opportunities:


  • Commercialization: our Commercial Department listens and attends our customers' needs and offers them the most advanced and tailored solutions.
  • Financial Department : includes auditing, accounting and controlling SARRALLE's turnkey projects according to the business needs within the internal and external deadlines.
  • Project Management : coordination and completion of projects on time within the budget and within the scope. Reporting to all the deparments involved to obtain the major quality of the product, best service and major profitability.
  • Engineering : our more than 150 engineers specialized in the design of structures, civil, piping, mechanics, hydraulics, automation and control & instrumentation work with the most advanced software to offer the best technical solution to our customers.
  • Purchase Department : they assure that all the materials and services we use in our processes are the best high quality and profitability to achieve our project goals.
  • Fabrication: our manufacturing team have professionals with the knowledge and experience in the mechanical and electrical fabrication of our products. Our facilities and machinery are adapted for the conformation, assembly, welding, mechanization and painting of everything we create.
  • Assembly and Comissioning: our assembly and commissioning team are specialist installing, finishing and starting up all the equipments and plants designed and manufactured by SARRALLE. Our goal is our customers' productivity, on time and without problems.