Employees Opinion

Our Best References, Our Employees Opinion.

“Sarralle offers the opportunity to interfere in highly technological projects, including integrally all the Electrical and Automatic parts, in an international area. Beside improving our aptitudes, it improves our personally by means of the cultural exchange that supposes project development worldwide "

Jon Serrano. Steel Melting Shop / Electric & Automation department. 7 years in Sarralle

“Sarralle is a great opportunity for the young engineers who have desire to learn in a company in which we have a powerful engineering, together with plants of manufacture. If you want to learn and grow and it is not a problem take commitments, here you have a great way for”

Marian Lerga. Corporate services/Purchase department. 7 years in Sarralle

“If you dare with real professional challenges, welcome to Sarralle universe, welcome to the engineering that takes form actually of the different projects. Voice, vote, improvement continues and opportunities. Set of professionals who defend a shield and our colors for a collective success "

Ion Arregi. Sarralle Algeria. 12 years in Sarralle.

“Since I start working in Sarralle, the company has not stopped growing and opening ways on new markets. The young and dynamic equipment that we form Sarralle, helps to confront these challenges with illusion "

Unai Larrañaga. Corporate Services / Financial department. 11 years in Sarralle

“Sarralle is a company that allows to train you and to develop in a dynamic and agile environment. It offers confidence and autonomy at the moment of is employed "

Iñigo Etxeberria. Management Coil Processing Lines - 6 months in Sarralle.