Vacuum and Oxygen Degasser (VD, VOD)

Sarralle VD-VOD units can be engineered to operate with steam injectors or dry mechanical vacuum pumps to achieve deep vacuum with lowest energy consumption in shortest pump down time.

Whereas steam ejector vacuum pumps offers a simple, almost maintenance-free solution with high suction capacity and a minimal investment cost, dry mechanical vacuum pumps are characterized by instantaneous “vacuum on demand” with extremely low operating costs and elimination of water contamination.

Special foaming-slag control enables minimization of ladle slag overflow and pump-down time.

SARRALLE supplies:

  • Vacuum vessels
  • Oxygen lances
  • Sampling equipment
  • Vacuum batch hoppers
  • Vacuum cyclones/bag filters/gas coolers
  • Vacuum pumps
  • Water-cooling systems


Steam ejector pump systems can anticipate full ejector solutions or the replacement of one pump stage with water ring pumps for a substantial reduction of steam consumption. Dry mechanical pumps are fully proven alternatives especially for VD operations. Recently, they have been also implemented for VOD process as well. The special design of the pump leads to several benefits. Vacuum pump systems can be designed and supplied as a modular pump unit composed by a number of the same pump skids, or a special combination of smaller pumps of various capacities grouped together in different stages allowing not only redundancy, but also flexible operation as well as, full control of the vacuum refining process.