SARRALLE's Rolling Mills stand as a pinnacle for the seamless production of plain round bars, offering an unparalleled range of diameter references, customer length specifications, and steel grade variations within a single mill. Our SBQ (Special Bar Quality) rolling mills represent a culmination of precision engineering, prioritizing solutions that eliminate surface scratches to achieve the highest quality standards.



  • Precision in Every Round: Our SBQ rolling mills boast a sizing mill that can be of the 2 rolls or 3 rolls type, delivering superior flexibility and precision in production. Through a combination of process expertise, temperature control, and top-tier machine quality, these mills achieve a remarkable size tolerance of 1/8 DIN, ensuring the utmost accuracy in every round produced.


  • Cost-Effective Transformations: To enhance the competitiveness of our customers, our mills incorporate in-line treatments that effectively reduce the cost of transforming final products. Thermomechanical rolling, coupled with in-line annealing solutions, contributes to elevating the overall cost-effectiveness of the production process.


  • Automated Excellence: Consistency and reliability are at the core of our rolling mills, facilitated by automated size and configuration changes. These advanced features not only maintain the quality of the end product but also enhance the efficiency of the overall process. The high output of the mill is achieved seamlessly, thanks to the automatic configuration changes that optimize the production flow.


In conclusion, SARRALLE's SBQ Rolling Mills redefine precision and efficiency in the production of plain round bars. From a comprehensive range of references to automated configurations and in-line treatments, our mills exemplify a commitment to delivering the highest quality standards while ensuring the competitiveness and cost-effectiveness of our customers' operations.