SARRALLE pioneers the future of sustainable industrial practices by offering cutting-edge hydrogen-ready combustion and green hydrogen generation technologies.



  • Hydrogen-Ready Combustion Technologies: At the forefront of our commitment to environmental stewardship is our hydrogen-ready burner technology designed explicitly for reheating furnaces. These burners are operational on both natural gas (NG) and hydrogen (H2), providing dual functionality across the entire range. Furthermore, these burners are versatile enough to operate with alternative fuels such as coke oven gas (COG), liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), and more. Our furnace prototype is readily available for trials, showcasing our dedication to practical innovation.


  • Versatility in Combustion: Our combustion technologies encompass both oxy-combustion and air-combustion-based systems. These not only contribute to fuel consumption reduction but also exhibit remarkable flexibility by allowing operations with zero CO2 emissions when utilizing hydrogen. The incorporation of these technologies enables near-zero nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions, aligning with our commitment to creating environmentally responsible solutions.


  • Green Hydrogen Generation Technologies: SARRALLE extends its sustainable portfolio with green hydrogen generation technologies employing Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) technology. This approach ensures high flexibility coupled with larger global efficiency. Our modular solutions are designed with an optimized plant footprint, exemplifying our dedication to providing environmentally friendly options for hydrogen production.


In essence, SARRALLE stands as an industry leader in the pursuit of a sustainable future, offering hydrogen-ready combustion technologies that significantly reduce environmental impact. Our commitment extends to green hydrogen generation, embracing innovative solutions that not only contribute to fuel efficiency but also align with the global drive towards a carbon-neutral and environmentally responsible industrial landscape.