SARRALLE stands at the forefront of innovation, delivering an extensive array of solutions tailored for medium section mills. Our commitment to precision and efficiency is exemplified through the design and implementation of Universal stands, crafted to offer meticulous deformation within a robust and space-efficient structure.



  • Cutting-Edge Technology: At the heart of our offerings are automated stand change systems that significantly minimize change-over times, enhancing overall operational efficiency. Our cooling bed solutions are meticulously engineered to guarantee the straightness of products, employing either force air cooling or water spray systems to maintain optimal temperatures at the multi-strand straightening device.


  • Multi-Strand Straightening Excellence: Our multi-strand straightening devices, in conjunction with static cold shears, flying cold shears, pendulum shears, or disk saws, ensure a remarkable processing capacity for a diverse range of profiles. This integrated approach maximizes flexibility and precision, setting the stage for unparalleled performance in the medium section mills.


  • Versatile Stacking Systems: To cap off our comprehensive solutions, our stacking systems are designed to provide unparalleled flexibility in operation, accommodating various profile lengths with ease. This adaptability ensures seamless handling of different production scenarios, making SARRALLE the ideal partner for your medium section mill requirements.


In essence, SARRALLE's dedication to cutting-edge technology, precision engineering, and operational flexibility makes us the go-to choice for medium section mills seeking top-tier solutions.