SARRALLE's commitment to excellence extends to every facet of our Rolling Mills, ensuring high durability, reduced maintenance, and standardized components to minimize spare parts and stock requirements. Our expertise empowers us to design, manufacture, and supply a diverse range of Bar and Rebar Mills, incorporating cutting-edge technology for optimal performance in record time. This proficiency is a crucial factor for our customers, accelerating the plant's payback period.



  • Integrated Technological Advancements: Our Bar and Rebar Mills feature housing-less stands with unparalleled rigidity, guaranteeing superior finished product tolerances. Crank-shaft and rotary type shears cover the entire product range, showcasing our commitment to versatility. SARTHERM quenching and self-tempering technology reduce overall production costs, while multi-slitting and high-speed technology ensure maximum efficiency and production rates.


  • E&A System – The Brain of Efficiency: The Efficiency & Automation (E&A) system serves as the brain of the operation, controlling every process with mathematical precision. This system is the differentiator, enabling us to deliver unparalleled efficiency and performance across our Rolling Mills.


  • Straight Bar Production Excellence: SARRALLE's Rolling Mills, tailored for straight bar production, are designed to produce a wide spectrum of products, including angles, squares, flats, channels, plain rounds, and rebar. High-speed straight bar production lines achieve remarkable productivity rates, with multi-strand slit rolling technology dividing billets into multiple bars (up to 5), increasing throughput while maintaining low finishing speeds.


  • Flexible Finishing End Integration: The Finishing End equipment is meticulously tailored to the product range, offering full flexibility in cooling, straightening, bundling, stacking, and binding. Moreover, these rolling mills seamlessly integrate with Wire Rod lines or the SARRALLE Coiler line, providing a comprehensive and connected production ecosystem.


In essence, SARRALLE's integrated approach to Rolling Mills combines durability, advanced technology, and efficiency, positioning us as a key partner for customers seeking not only superior performance but also a faster return on their investment.