SARRALLE, a leading global engineering and technology firm, showcases its prowess in the steel industry with its cutting-edge Material Handling System for Meltshops. This system is a critical component in the steel production process, demonstrating SARRALLE's commitment to efficiency, innovation, and sustainable solutions.



SARRALLE's Material Handling System for Meltshops is tailored to optimize the flow of materials throughout the entire steel manufacturing process. From the arrival of raw materials to their transformation into molten metal, the system is designed for seamless integration and superior performance.


  • At the core of this system is its full automation, ensuring a seamless and efficient material flow from the arrival of raw materials to the molten metal stage. The system's local control of equipment allows for fine-tuned adjustments, optimizing operational parameters to meet the specific needs of the meltshop.


  • SARRALLE's Material Handling System excels in the control of incoming Direct Reduced Iron (DRI), ensuring precise management of this crucial raw material. The system's capability for independent and precise lime and DRI charging further enhances control, enabling steel producers to fine-tune the composition of the melt for optimal results.


  • Safety is paramount, and the system includes robust features for the secure handling of DRI bins. These safety measures not only protect personnel but also safeguard the integrity of the production process.


  • The system extends its capabilities to include the handling of ferroalloys, showcasing SARRALLE's comprehensive approach to material management in meltshops. This feature ensures that the alloying elements are integrated with precision, contributing to the quality and consistency of the final steel product.


  • SARRALLE places a strong emphasis on environmental responsibility. The Material Handling System is designed with sustainability in mind, minimizing environmental impact through efficient resource utilization and waste reduction. This aligns with SARRALLE's commitment to eco-friendly practices and contributes to a greener and more sustainable steel production process.




In summary, SARRALLE's Meltshop Material Handling System exemplifies the company's dedication to providing state-of-the-art solutions for the steel industry. By combining advanced technology with modular flexibility and sustainability principles, SARRALLE continues to empower steel producers with efficient, reliable, and environmentally conscious material handling solutions.