At SARRALLE, our core values are deeply rooted in a steadfast commitment to the environment and the promotion of sustainability within the steel sector. With a relentless focus on designing innovative solutions, we aim to enhance process efficiency, thereby mitigating the environmental impact and transformation costs associated with steel production.



  • Revolutionizing Efficiency with Hot Charging: Our revolutionary hot charging technology marks a significant leap forward in sustainable steel manufacturing. As hot billets exit continuous casting machines, they are seamlessly transferred into the reheating furnace, unlocking substantial benefits. This automated process not only improves energy efficiency but also reduces fuel consumption in the reheating furnace (RHF) while simultaneously increasing overall productivity. The tangible results include remarkable savings in energy consumption, with reductions of up to 60%. Additionally, productivity experiences a boost of up to 20%, all contributing to a more economically viable and eco-friendly steel production process. This forward-thinking approach extends to lower CO2 and NOx emissions, aligning with our commitment to environmental responsibility.


  • Innovative Oxy-Combustion Fuel Hybrid Reheating Furnace: SARRALLE continues to pioneer sustainable solutions with our Oxy-Combustion Fuel Hybrid Reheating Furnace. This cutting-edge technology seamlessly combines oxy-combustion and conventional fuel methods, presenting a versatile and environmentally conscious approach to the reheating process. The integration of this hybrid furnace not only reduces the environmental footprint but also enhances overall efficiency in the steel production cycle.


  • Hydrogen-Ready Reheating Furnace Burners: Anticipating the evolving landscape of clean energy, SARRALLE leads the way with hydrogen-ready reheating furnace burners. As the steel industry transitions towards greener alternatives, our technology ensures seamless adaptation by accommodating hydrogen as a fuel source. This future-ready approach positions us as industry leaders in sustainability, supporting the industry's trajectory towards a hydrogen-based future and further reducing the carbon footprint of steel production.


In summary, SARRALLE's unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship is evident in our groundbreaking solutions, from hot charging technology to hybrid reheating furnaces and hydrogen-ready burners. We are dedicated to propelling the steel sector into a sustainable future, where efficiency and environmental responsibility go hand in hand.