Fumes Exhaust Systems providing meeting or exceeding environmental regulations and enhancing social responsibilities in our Customers have led to an increasing demand for investments in dedusting and pollution control technologies.

The Fumes Exhaust System fulfills all current and expected environmental requirements specified by local authorities.

Design features include:

  • High-tech combustion chamber.
  • High-efficiency quenching tower with either an air-mist water only, or nitrogen based system.
  • Special canopy design to improve working conditions of the melt shop building.
  • Low water consumption technology for the fume cooling system
  • Improved controls for air mixing
  • Lignite and lime injection
  • High-efficiency fumes sparks separating cyclone


SARRALLE can offer a customized solution for each step of the process which results in attaining the most stringent parameters in terms of both emissions control and operational costs. Each component has its own design such as the special arrangement of the fourth hole elbow water circuit for an optimized life cycle.

Residence time in the canopy due to superior geometry selection enables a reduced amount of mg/Nm3 on the operating floor which leads to an improvement in safety for every operation. Filtration parameters allow for an optimal life cycle of the sleeves as well as the selection of the optimized number of compartments which automatically maintain at least one offline compartment. Optimized sleeve lenght of up to 10 meters permits a compact design of the Filtration Unit.