SARRALLE offers cutting-edge automation solutions redefining the landscape of industrial control. Our offerings encompass the latest advancements in Distributed Control, Multilayer Architecture, Multiplatform Engineering, and Scalable and Reusable Systems. Leveraging virtualization, integrating next-generation field sensors, and providing remote support, we bring you unparalleled efficiency in automation.



  • Electrical Engineering Expertise: Our proficiency extends to Medium Voltage/Low Voltage distribution, Drives AC/DC, and Motor Design. We combine expertise with innovation to ensure seamless electrical operations within your industrial setup.


  • Automation - Level I At the foundation of our automation prowess lies Level I, where key PLC functions set the stage for precision and control. From Mill Cascade to Product Tracking, Min Tension Control to Loop Control, Material Continuity Detection to Impact Drop Compensation, Bar Optimization to Shears Control, Cooling Bed Control to Finishing End Area Control, and Safety Control – our Level I automation is a comprehensive suite addressing diverse industrial needs. The Human-Machine Interface (HMI) system empowers operators to seamlessly control operations in automatic, manual, or emergency modes, providing flexibility and responsiveness.


  • Automation - Level II To meet the escalating demands for quality and productivity, our Level II automation system introduces the pinnacle of technological process control (TPS). This system collects data cyclically from numerous sources, including PLC-HMI (Level I), customer's Level III (ERP-MES) systems, and operator inputs. Sarralle TPS modules exemplify excellence in industrial control. From Tracking and Recipe Management to Production and Quality Management, Downtime Management to Reporting Modules, Process Simulators, and Consumables Management – our Level II automation is a holistic solution for optimizing your industrial processes.


Embrace the future of automation with Sarralle, where innovation meets efficiency, and precision meets productivity.