ePull Precision Leveller


SARRALLE's ePull Precision Leveller is our answer to the growing demand for the production of the highest quality steels; in terms of mechanical properties and surface quality. All vital in today’s demanding markets such as automotive and aerospace.

SARRALLE ePull Precision Leveller vs. Conventional Leveller

  • NO Residual Stresses.
  • Up to 80% Plasticizing in Thicknesses between 0,15mm – 8mm.
  • Suitable for Ultra High Tensile Strength.
  • Real-Time Auto-Tuning Assures Optimum Flatness and Productivity Ratios Especially in High Yield Steels.


  • 4.0 Integration Features.
    • Equipment condition monitoring with predictive maintenance.
    • Remote assistance if needed.
    • Easily integrates into existing plant automation equipment.
  • Can be installed into existing process lines, providing new capabilities and added value to the final product.
  • Work roll wear significantly reduced.
  • Can be applied to dry or oiled materials.


Download Sarralle ePull Precision Leveller