SARRALLE Rolling Mill Projects

Over the past few years, our journey in the rolling mill division has been significant. We expanded our operations by acquiring the renowned Lagun Artea company, enhancing our capabilities in rolling mill projects. We successfully strengthened our value proposition by combining our high-quality products with exceptional efficiency and competitiveness within the SARRALLE group.


The results from last year stand as evidence, showcasing that major market players have selected our company for their crucial capital investments.


The subsequent investments represent our most significant new accomplishments:


  • Hot Charging System

  • H2 Reheating Furnace

  • SBQ Mill Plant

  • Combined Merchant and Rebar-Wire Rod product



Why SARRALLE ? : Service , Closeness, Adaptability & Flexibility , Technology & Sustainable Solutions , Cost Effective.



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SARRALLE Rolling Mill Projects Brochure


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