Every Rolling Mill starts with the reheating furnace. We can offer the most sophisticated technologies like Low NOx burners and a high efficient combustion control in order to provide the most economical and eco-friendly device.

SARRALLE supplies Pusher Furnaces as well as, Walking Hearth and Walking Beam Furnace based on specific duty.


All the devices from SARRALLE are designed for high durability, less maintenance and high standardization of the components in order to reduce spare parts and relative spare stock.

SARRALLE is able to design, manufacture and supply all kind of Bar and Rebar Mills using the ultimate technology in order to reach the best performance in the shortest time, this is a key factor for every Customer because thanks to our competence the payback of the plant becomes much faster.

  • Housing-less stands with high rigidity to ensure better finished product tolerances, crank-shaft and rotary type shears to cover all product range.
  • SARTHERM quenching and self-tempering technology to reduce the total production cost, multi-slitting and high speed technology to ensure high production and efficiency.
  • SURFIN for automatic detection of surface defect for high value finished products to reduce production cost and inefficiency.
  • E&A to control all the process and provide efficiency, it is the brain of the system and is the only way to make the difference thanks to mathematic models.