SARRALLE, a global leader in engineering and technology, elevates the efficiency and functionality of meltshops with its advanced Auxiliary Equipment. This suite of equipment is meticulously designed to enhance the overall performance of steel production, showcasing SARRALLE's commitment to innovation and precision.



  • The Scrap Bucket is a specialized container designed for the safe and efficient handling of scrap materials. SARRALLE's Scrap Bucket is engineered for durability and optimal capacity, streamlining the loading and unloading of scrap in the meltshop.


  • Accompanying the Scrap Bucket is the Scrap Bucket Car – an integral component of the meltshop, facilitating the seamless transport of scrap materials. This robust and purpose-built car ensures the efficient collection and movement of scrap, contributing to the sustainability of the steel production process.


  • The Ladle, another pivotal vessel for transporting and pouring molten metal. SARRALLE's Ladles are crafted with advanced materials and precision engineering to withstand the harsh conditions of the meltshop environment, ensuring the secure and efficient transfer of molten metal.


  • Complementing the Ladle is the Ladle Car, a crucial element in the meltshop, provides a reliable means of transporting ladles within the facility. This car is designed with precision and safety in mind, contributing to the smooth flow of ladle operations.


  • Enhancing the overall efficiency of ladle operations is the Ladle Preheater, a specialized piece of equipment designed to heat ladles to the required temperature before they are filled with molten metal. This preheating process contributes to the quality of steel production by maintaining the desired temperature for optimal metallurgical processes.


In summary, SARRALLE's Auxiliary Equipment reflects the company's dedication to providing comprehensive solutions for the steel industry. By combining precision engineering with a focus on safety and efficiency, SARRALLE continues to play a pivotal role in advancing the capabilities of meltshops worldwide.