BEFESA awards SARRALLE for its new project in Turkey





BEFESA awards SARRALLE for its new project in Turkey

SARRALLE was awarded by BEFESA; world leader in the recycling of waste for the steel and aluminium industry, for the construction of the new facilities in Turkey. The scope will consist on doubling the production capacity of the facility. The investment will amount to 25 million dollars.


SARRALLE Group lands in the Turkish market with this important project, which will allow BEFESA to consolidate its position as a leader in the global market in its sector of activity. SARRALLE will execute a turnkey project for BEFESA which includes the design, engineering, manufacturing, assembly and start-up phase of the new facility.


With the modernization of the plant, BEFESA will process 110,000 tons of steelworks powder annually, compared to the 65,000 tons it currently treats. This increase will allow to valorise more amount of dust to obtain zinc and slag. Both materials will be reused in other sectors, becoming a source of renewable raw material, contributing to the environmental sustainability of the planet, allowing to close the production process in a sustainable way, reusing all the elements of the process.


Zinc is used in the automotive, pharmaceutical or ceramic sectors, while the slag can be recycled in the cement industry or as an additive in bituminous products.