SARRALLE - Vacuum Treatment Solutions





SARRALLE - Vacuum Treatment Solutions

SARRALLE is a key player in the steel industry since 1965 and in our Steel Melting Plant Business Lines , we design and supply metallurgical plant solutions , including process technology for steelmaking, secondary metallurgy and continuous casting for long and flat products. The Know How gained over many years has been used to develop the Vacuum Treatment Solutions and Technologies and meet our customers most stringent requirements getting references in Belgium, Italy, India and Middle East.


In our Vacuum Treatment Solutions , our competences are:


  • Full supply portfolio for vacuum systems ( VD/VOD/RH/Stream degassing )

  • Steam ejectors and dry mechanical pumps used for vacuum generation

  • Reliable design developed in close collaboration with our process technology engineers

  • Equipment designed with maximum process technology efficiency

  • Customized solutions for each individual customer

  • Quality manufacturing in our own workshop facilities

  • Multi-national and well-experienced personnel





SARRALLE VD-VOD units can be engineered to operate with steam injectors or dry mechanical vacuum pumps to achieve deep vacuum with lowest energy consumption in shortest pump down time.


Whereas steam ejector vacuum pumps offers a simple, almost maintenance-free solution with high suction capacity and a minimal investment cost, dry mechanical vacuum pumps are characterized by instantaneous “vacuum on demand” with extremely low operating costs and elimination of water contamination.


Special foaming-slag control enables minimization of ladle slag overflow and pump-down time.


SARRALLE supplies:


  • Vacuum vessels

  • Oxygen lances

  • Sampling equipment

  • Vacuum batch hoppers

  • Vacuum cyclones/bag filters/gas coolers

  • Vacuum pumps

  • Water-cooling systems


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