SARRALLE starts ups the new plant for Befesa in Turkey





SARRALLE starts ups the new plant for Befesa in Turkey

SARRALLE successfully completes the expansion from 65,000 tons to 110,000 tons/annually recycling capacity of steelworks powder on time and within budget for Befesa S.A. in Turkey. The execution of the turnkey project includes the design, engineering, manufacturing, assembly, civil works and start-up phase of the new facility.


Production line equipment and installations affected by this revamping will consist of the main following units: rotary kiln & dust settling chamber, off gases system, raw material handling and DLWO washing plant and waste treatment plant.



BEFESA the world market leader for steel dust and aluminium salt slags recycling services, started the works at the end of January at its site in Iskenderum and reopened the facilities and resumed operations this week.


The industrial activity of the plant, fits into the eco-industry sector because it works recycling Electric Arc Steelmaking and Foundry dusts, whose contains heavy metals like zinc and lead.


SARRALLE is settling as an international engineering and manufacturer of critical environmental, regulated services to the steel and waste to energy industries. Through its business units, SARRALLE executed in this case the valorization of more amount of steel dust to obtain zinc and slag that otherwise will be disposed in the landfill. SARRALLE manufactures the equipment to manage and recycle of residues, becoming a source of renewable raw material/product, which our customers reintroduce in the market, reducing the consumption of natural resources and downsizing the cost of production. This will allow to close the production process in a sustainable way, reusing all the elements of the process.