SARRALLE participates at the Conference Cost Effective Technologies & Market for Long Products in AP, India





SARRALLE participates at the Conference Cost Effective Technologies & Market for Long Products in AP, India

Steel & Metallurgy Magazine a monthly journal of international reputation on the Global Iron & Steel Industry since 1998 organized the one-day international conference “Cost Effective Technologies & Market for Long Products" on August 23 at Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India.


Indian steel industry faces a torrid time as major steel consuming sectors continue to be Indian. Steel industry has shown signs of resilience amidst the global sluggishness. However, in spite of the tailwinds emanating from domestic demand, there are challenges as well. The global slow down and the volatility in raw material prices also weigh heavily on steel makers cost of production, eroding scope of benefiting from the increase demand.


Considering the current market situation, the approach of SARRALLE to our clients at the moment is to provide tailored solutions in order to improve the existing equipment with the most demanding quality requirements. Our leadership in the Industrial Engineering bring us the capability to adapt any installation to the customers’ needs and conditions.


Dr. Ugo Zanelli – SARRALLE Senior Technology Manager - presented the case study of the "Implementation of existing six-strand billet caster with Sarralle Technologies" among the suggested topics in the symposium.


SARRALLE upgraded the existing six-strand caster due to the necessity of new as cast products, with high request of quality and reliability, according to actual market demand. The project key point was the modification of caster geometry, in order to allow casting of bigger sections thanks to reduced stress both at surface and at liquid/solid interface. Another challenging point was the request of maintaining the possibility for quick exchange of the casting sections, minimizing the plant downtime and hence maximizing productivity.


SARRALLE contributed in this seminar to showcase the technologies that will ensure cost effective production as well as improve the product mix. The conference provided a platform to all the participants, delegates, business visitors and other key decision makers from the steel and other related industry to interact with and explore new opportunities in the Steel & Metallurgy Sector.


SARRALLE is a company identified by accepting difficult engineering and manufacturing challenges. The good acceptance among the attendees at this forum was an example of our approach to our existing and future customers; we provide fast answers based in our demonstrated technical knowledge with unique designs. Continuous cooperation and monitoring at the projects development allow us to provide the best EPC solutions, considering our in-house manufacturing and commissioning team.