Sarralle Gold Sponsor of Steel Tech 2021 with Exhibition, Congress and Innovation Workshops participation





Sarralle Gold Sponsor of Steel Tech 2021 with Exhibition, Congress and Innovation Workshops participation

Sarralle invites you to the Steel Tech Congress & Expo on October 19 – 21 at the Bilbao Exhibition Center – BEC in Bilbao (Spain) with the following programme aimed at innovation and technology in the steel sector.  





Sarralle Steel Tech 2021 Exhibition


Visit our STAND 2021: Luxua Hall 07- 08



Sarralle is awating your visit to our stand so we can meet you directly and personally.


Our stand offers the excellent opportunity to know us better. It will be the meeting point with clients and the ideal space to do business with us.


The exhibiting area will be located in the Luxua Hall, like the Conference and other activities. You will be able to:


  • Contact our commercial and technical leaders face to face,

  • Discover new features in participant processes and products,

  • Attend the Innovation Workshops.


Attendance is free of charge and prior registration is required through this link.


We hope to be busy during the event, so we would prefer to agree on the time of the meeting, if you are interested in meeting us click below with your preferred meeting time.



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Sarralle Steel Tech 2021 Congress


Excelsior Steel Process Intelligence for EAF by Eneko Sedano


SARRALLE could not miss this important event and what better way to do it than with Eneko Sedano Plazaola - Sarralle EAF, LF and VD-VOD Siderurgic Process Engineer who will present in the Congress on Wednesday, October 20 at 10:55 AM. for 20 minutes, his study on the "Excelsior Steel Processes Intelligence for EAF".


Eneko Sedano Plazaola - Senior Engineer in Industrial Organization (1997 - 2002) from the University of Mondragón began his career with us in 2004 as a start-up, process and design engineer, having experience in 15 EAF start-ups (20 - 170 Tn), 10 LF start-ups (20 - 170 Tn) and 4 VD / VOD start-ups (20 - 170 Tn) until 2012, where he became part as a Metallurgical process engineer.



Within the theme “Steel for the next decades, Future Steel: Digitalization, Automatization and Cibersecurity” Eneko Sedano Plazaola reveals itself against the general tendency of labelling the steel industry as "traditional". For more information visit our press release below.




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Sarralle Steel Tech 2021 Networking


Innovation Workshop RM & Hydrogen



Innovation Workshops, an open conference program with the presence of Xabier Barredo - Sarralle Project Manager and Itsaso Auzmendi - Sarralle Hydrogen Development Manager to showcase the latest developments and technical solutions.


Tuesday, October 19 at 11.50am Xabier Barredo - Sarralle Project Manager will present the Sarralle new development for automation of rolling mills, incorporating advanced solutions for intelligent operation. Like many others, the steel sector seeks to keep its processes under control to maximize return and minimize inefficiencies.


Wednesday, Octobre 20 at 10:30 am Itsaso Auzmendi - Sarralle Hydrogen Development Manager will immersed the audience in a project associated with steel producers, gas suppliers and refractory material manufacturers to develop hydrogen based technologies for the Electric Arc Furnace (EAF), Reheating Furnace (RF) and Ladle Heaters aiming the decarbonization of the steelmaking industry through the implementation of hydrogen.



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