SARRALLE Celebrates New Office Opening in China





SARRALLE Celebrates New Office Opening in China

We are delighted to announce the expansion of SARRALLE with the launch of our China office, located at Changzhou. The new branch will strengthen SARRALLES’s presence internationally and offers dedicated space for meeting with our clients, partners and with our Commercial and Technical specialists. This will enable us to respond effectively to the growing need of our varied customers willing to implement high quality SARRALLE solutions in the Environment, Energy and Steel sectors and build reliability for the business opportunities that China offers.


Our office in China will be dedicated exclusively to attend our customers (or potential ones) to have one-on-one attention, exchange requests and knowledge so that both parties together can come up with new and innovative projects, but most of all to deliver operational services. We are aiming to bring all of our Industrial Engineering expertise services closer to you.


The new office in China is operating, as expected, in Chinese and our leading person, Mr. Inazio Erdozia, is an experienced business leader in the country having worked for more than half a decade in the Chinese market. Managing Director, Mr. Inazio Erdozia says:


“We are all thrilled about the launch of our new office.

We have many existing clients in China whose need will be better serviced by us having an office on their doorstep”.


Besides the fact, we are proud of the opening of a new office in Changzhou. The presence of SARRALLE in other countries is the example of our international capabilities. Below our 8 locations worldwide in the USA, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Algeria, UAE and India.


Sarralle World Offices Location Map

            Sarralle offices in the World



Feel free to contact us anytime because after all, our China office is already up and running.


How to contact our new Sarralle Office in China?


Phone: +86 17721698566


Address:  No. 280 Fumin Road, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China