European Steel Forum 2022,Italy, 28-30 September





European Steel Forum 2022,Italy, 28-30 September

Steel industry executives from all over the world will present at European Steel Forum their perspectives, experiences, challenges and road maps to incorporating new technology and transforming their production value chain to the steel industry. The program will emphasize practical solutions and economic drivers for technology innovation within the European and North American Steel industry. Sessions will be devoted to the latest developments in CO2-free steelmaking, CO2-free energy, iron feedstock, digitalization, and plant designs.

Panel discussions will include candid conversation from European and North American industry leaders on key issues and opportunities in the today’s landscape, as well as recruiting strategies to secure the steel workforce of tomorrow. SARRALLE will be present in the next panel discussions:



Carbon-Neutral Energy Production and Distribution for Metallurgical Process Applications ( Wednesday , 28 September , 14.45 - 16.15 )


SARRALLE Hydrogen Development Manager , Itsaso Auzmendi , will participate as speaker in this panel discussion about Cargon-Neutral Energy Production and Distribution for Metallurgical Process Applications.  The 27 EU member states are committed to making the EU the first to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. In support of that goal, the European steel industry created the Clean Steel Partnership (CSP), which developed a set of strategies that relies on both technologies to avoid carbon emissions in steelmaking and carbon capture, utilization, and storage as well as process integration. However, the strategy is underpinned by access to CO2-free sources of energy and green hydrogen. Although the current geopolitical situation is expected to accelerate hydrogen availability, it remains to be seen whether it will come quick enough for the steel industry.  We’ll assess the current availability of carbon-neutral energy and hydrogen and ask whether it is still feasible to achieve emissions goals within the current timeframe.


Steel Innovation: Perspectives from Equipment Manufacturers ( Thursday , 29 September , 14.45 - 16.15 )


Iñigo Velez, Sarralle Steel Melting Plant Business Lines General Manager will participate as speaker in this panel discussion about Steel Innovation.The success of the steel industry is due not only to the inherent utility of steel, but great technological innovations, which have allowed producers to achieve even greater efficiencies and to make continuous improvements in product quality, safety, and environmental performance. This would not be possible without great technology partners. During this discussion, we will hear from leaders at several of those partner OEMs, who will share some of the ways in which they are helping customers achieve their goals, especially those related to carbon neutrality.



Who Should Attend to the European Steel Forum


The European Steel Forum historically attracts industry leaders from Europe and North America.  With no expectations of travel standing in the way, we look forward to having our greatest participation and largest global representation for this conference yet. Young steel professionals to veteran industry leaders will benefit from the expertise and experience presented at the forum.



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We are looking forward to seeing you in Italy!