APERAM awards SARRALLE two metal coil processing plants modernization





APERAM awards SARRALLE two metal coil processing plants modernization

SARRALLE has been awarded two projects in France and Germany for the international APERAM Group consisting of the improvement and modernization of the plants dedicated to the transformation of stainless steel flat products.



The project for APERAM Isbergues (France) will allow the group to increase the capacity of its LC2I process line, virtually unique in the world in the treatment of hot-rolled stainless steel of continuous rolling, pickling and finishing of stainless steel. The installation processes continuously stainless steel, doing the pickling, rolling, normalizing, skin pass and flattened under tension, resulting in first quality coils ready for final sale. The start-up of this new line was carried out at the beginning of the current year and the work is the result of SARRALLE's engineering study to modernize the facilities of APERAM France.


APERAM Germany

The project for APERAM Haan (Germany) will allow this group to completely renovate its current facilities in Duisburg and transfer it to the new facilities located in Haan at 50 kilometres.


This is a complex project in which SARRALLE will manufacture new machines for APERAM, improve and modernize the existing ones and also renew the cross-sectional line of the APERAM Duisburg plant. Precisely this line will be dismantled from its current location plant and transferred to the new location, with a total change in the distribution of material flow allowing a very important logistics improvement.


The OCEVI cutting line is a stainless cutting line that manufactures sheet steel for multiple applications, such as the food industry, industrial processes, catering, elevators and stairs, and so on.


SARRALLE considers these two projects strategic, given that it involves the expansion of its metal coil processing division in the European market.