AIST shares SARRALLE's new Greenfield Meltshop at AM/NS Calvert (USA)





AIST shares SARRALLE's new Greenfield Meltshop at AM/NS Calvert (USA)


THE ASSOCIATION OF IRON & STEEL TECHNOLOGY (AIST) a non-profit organization representing an incomparable network of steel industry knowledge and expertise, reproduced in its Steel News section our latest achievement in the USA with this vibrant headline Sarralle Steel Meltng Plant Electrifies AM/NS Calvert Facility.



SARRALLE through its business line SARRALLE Steel Melting Plant, considered a Steel mill solutions specialist by the global leader in networking AIST, was awarded a contract to build an elecetric arc furnace (EAF) for the AM/NS Calvert re-rolling facility in Alabama. The start-up of the steelmaking facility represents a major milestone, as it is one of the most technologically advanced steel plants in the world, both in terms of production (due to its capacity and quality) and environmental impact. This has been made possible thanks to the experience, know-how and capability shown by SARRALLE in its 55 years of activity in the steelmaking sector



ARCELORMITTAL's and SARRALLE'S trust and longstanding relationship is based on the collaboration of both parties on more than 50 projects worldwide. The World's leading steel company confirms once again our equipment desing and its realibity with this award.






The addition of an EAF at AM/NS Calvert represents a transformational opportunity for what is already widely considered to be the world's most advanced steel finishing facility. This is a logical next step in optimizing AM/NS Calvert's supply chain



Brad Davey ArcelorMittal North America Chief Executive



For more information about the New Complete GREENFIELD Meltshop Plant at AM/NS Calvert (USA) visit our press release on the following link.