European Conference Continuous Casting, Italy, 20 - 22 October





European Conference Continuous Casting, Italy, 20 - 22 October

Sarralle is proud to announce our participation at the 10th European Continuous Casting Conference – ECCC – organized by the AIM, the Italian Association for Metallurgy, in Bari (Italy) on 20 – 22 October with the focus on the status and future developments in the casting steel.



The ECCC is a unique forum for the European continuous casting community to exchange views on the status and the future development of the continuous casting process. The Conference program is abreast of the latest developments in control and automation, advanced continuous casting technologies, application of electromagnetic technologies and mechanical devices to improve the core microstructure, the lubrication issues for improving the surface qualities. Steel metallurgical issues will be addressed as well as their physical and numerical simulation. The exchange of experience in operational practice, maintenance and fist results from the recently commissioned plants will integrate the program. The Conference aims at promoting the dialogue among the delegates with industrial and academic background and among the participants in former Conferences and new members of the continuous casting community.



Mr. Ugo Zanelli – Sarralle Senior Manager Metallurgy & Technology Steel Making Industry Sarralle has the privilege to count with the collaboration of Mr. Ugo Zanelli – Sarralle Senior Manager Metallurgy & Technology Steel Making Industry with more than 25 years of experience in the Continuous Casting sector, both on theoretical and practical side producing machinery for Steelmaking industry. As a result, Mr. Ugo is author and co-author of several articles, mainly in the field of Continuous Casting, presented/published in Conferences or Technical Magazines. Applied and/or granted patents in the field of continuous casting.


The presentation of Mr. Ugo – Implementation of state of the art technologies, a “Second life” for existing continuous casting plants will take place virtually on October 22 at 9:50am (Italy time) as part of the plenary lecture by Andrea Bianchi in Nicolaus 2 Room in the Plant Engineering I Session.



The abstract paper provided to the ECCC by Mr. Ugo Zanelli is as follows:



“Higher quality and productivity requirements are a must nowadays in the modern Steel Making Industry, as well as a continuous search for cost reduction and product flexibility. Casting high quality products with higher added value, requires properly applied technological solutions, at the same time, providing operational reliability, safety, productivity and equipment maintainability. Implementation of state of the art technological packages such as hydraulic oscillation, multipoint unbending, advanced mould design, innovative spray cooling technology, stirring technologies, and advanced automation packages, can breathe a “second life” into existing machines, even providing the possibility to cast different section sizes and profiles, with better quality and higher productivity. All with the managerial aim to reduced Capex requirements and provide a faster ROI over new machines.Examples of such possibilities are reported in this paper, utilizing real life examples of the implementation of those technologies applied in existing plants.”



All the sessions of the program will be in presence-based modality. However, for those speakers and attendees with travel restrictions there will also be livestreamed option and the recording will be available on demand up to 7 days after the end of the Conference.



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