Be Basque Talent Conference (BBTC), Paris, 26th October 2019





Be Basque Talent Conference (BBTC), Paris, 26th October 2019

SARRALLE will be participating at the BBTC, Paris on October 26 at Session 3 on Company Presentations section from 9.45 - 11.30.

BBTC 2019 Sarralle Company Presentation



The BBTC is organized by Bizkaia Talent, a private non-profit association promoted by the Provincial Government of Bizkaia along with different Basque organisations which aims to make the Basque Country a talent magnet. The current BBTC is the result of a long journey. Since 2008 Bizkaia Talent has organized eleven previous conferences in nine different major European cities (Munich, Barcelona, Stuttgart, Hannover, Toulouse, Amsterdam, Dublin, London and Hamburg). This year’s BBTC will be held for the first time in Paris.


But Bizkaia Talent’s job doesn’t end there. Its mission goes even further than bringing talent and companies together and showing the diverse professional opportunities they may have in the Basque Country. Bizkaia Talent helps professionals and their families with their relocation process, supports the couple’s professional progress, and cares for the career development of the participants.


During the event, SARRALLE recruiters will be available to discuss with professionals like you, the latest regarding our projects around the world, new career opportunities or professional relationships that can change your future.


The BBTC Matchmaking tool, will allow us to have tailor-made agenda to meet the most qualified candidates, even during lunch!


We are again expecting to be busy during the conference so we would prefer to pre-agree meeting time, to book a meeting in advance with us, send an email to Ms. Marta García – HR at SARRALLE  – with your preferred meeting time.


We are looking forward to seeing you in Paris!


BBTC participation is free of charge, pre-registration is required so get your free ticket soon!