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SARCOIL PROCESSING LINES S.L. @ 5th Blech India 2017

SarCoil participated as an exhibitor at 5th Blech India 2017 at the Bombay Exhibition Center in Mumbai, India, from 27-29 April 2017.

BLECH India 2017 demonstrated the campaign India is developing to foster entrepreneurship and facilitate global business opportunities for the domestic metallurgical industry.

The three-day event attracted local industrial visitors and international exhibitors. At least 147 exhibitors from 16 different countries were present. Most of the exhibitors were companies based in India. However, many were from outside India, such as Spain, Germany, Italy, USA, China, Turkey and Switzerland. The exhibitors showed a wide range of products, tools and solutions for the complete sheet metal manufacturing and processing process. A huge amount of demonstrations of live machines were on display.

It has attracted a powerful new customer profile, which until a few years ago was not known in the country, the industrial middle class. Private entrepreneurs with very ambitious development projects, and who have gradually gained a niche as service centers in the steel market. The requests for supply have been numerous in the stand of Sarcoil, with real projects to deal in short time. It is true that so far this type of customers consume Chinese product mostly, but the novelty is that, after testing the Chinese product, do not hesitate to raise their new investment with European machinery. There are high hopes in the contacts obtained during this fair.

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