Melt Shops

SARRALLE EQUIPOS SIDERÚRGICOS S.L. has been designing, building and delivering complete turnkey solutions for Melt Shops plants worldwide since 1960.

Products and Services

Electric Arc Furnaces (EAF)

Complete range of AC and DC Furnaces from 6 to 300 tonnes for various charge mixes (Hot Metal, HBI, CDRI/HDRI and Scrap), based on proprietary engineering and including all key components like:

  • Scrap preparation devices: Pre-Heating/ Cleaning System
  • Box-shape, conductive electrode arms in copper/steel design
  • Oxygen Injectors and Burners
  • Water-cooled copper wall injector boxes
  • Carbon Injectors
  • Electrics & Automation (Level 1 & 2)
  • Electrode Regulation System
  • Automatic EBT cleaning and opening device
  • Automatic sampling device
  • Automatic slag door.

Ladle Furnaces (LF)

Complete range of ladle furnaces from 6 to 300 tonnes with simple and very sturdy design, based on proprietary engineering of components:

  • Box-shape, conductive electrode arms in copper/steel design
  • Automatic sampling device
  • Wire feeding systems
  • Argon Automatic Coupling
  • Emergency stirring lance
  • Electrics & Automation (Level 1 & 2)
  • Electrode Regulation System.

Vacuum Degassers (VD-VOD)

Sarralle VD-VOD units from 6 to 300 tonnes can be engineered to operate with steam ejector or dry, mechanical vacuum pumps to achieve deep vacuum with lowest energy consumption in shortest pump down time.

Whereas steam ejector vacuum pumps offer non-complicated, non-destructible technology with very high suction capacity at limited investment cost, dry mechanical vacuum pumps are characterized by instantaneous “vacuum on demand” with extremely low operating costs and elimination of air and water pollution.

Special foaming-slag control enables minimization of ladle slag overflow and pump-down time.

Sarralle engineers and supplies:

  • Vacuum vessels
  • Oxygen lances
  • Sampling equipment
  • Vacuum batch hoppers
  • Vacuum cyclones/bag filters/gas coolers
  • Vacuum pumps
  • Water-cooling systems
  • Electrics & Automation (Level 1 & 2).

Vacuum Ingot Castings (VIC)

Vacuum Ingot Casting is applied to produce forging ingots of 100-800 tonnes weight. The larger the ingot, the lower the required hydrogen content.

Vacuum ingot casting enables sequence casting of several smaller heats into one very large ingot.

  • Liquid steel is degassed in a tank degasser prior to vacuum ingot casting
  • The ingot mould sits in a vacuum tank
  • A pony ladle with vacuum-tight connection to the vacuum tank acts as a tundish, allowing several ladles to be cast through the pony ladle into the ingot mould

Continuous Casting Machine (CCM)

Continuous Casting Machines are engineered for a wide range of sections and steel grades:

  • Billet/Round/Bloom/Beam Blanks
  • Open and submerged steel casting
  • Proprietary design for key components like:
    • Stopper control system
    • SNE – Sarralle Nozzle Exchanger
    • Hydraulic oscillators
    • Electro-magnetic stirrers
    • Oxygen cutting machine
    • SARSEAL dummy bar head sealing device for safe and repetitive dummy bar disconnection
    • Electric & Automation (Level 1 & 2)
  • Wide experience in caster revamping.

Fumes Exhaust System (FES)

The Fume Exhaust System fulfills all current and expected environmental requirements specified by local authorities. Design features include:
  • High-Tech Combustion Chamber
  • High-Efficiency Quenching Tower
  • Special canopy design to improve working conditions inside the melt shop
  • Low water consumption technology for fume cooling system
  • Improved controls for air mixing
  • Lignite Injection.

Electrics and Automation (E&A)

SARRALLE realizes comprehensive solutions for all technological control systems and provides complete Melt Shop automation such as:

  • Sub-Stations
  • Automation configuration
  • Design and testing of Level 1 & 2 applications for the entire melt shop
  • Programming with several types of hardware (Siemens, Allen Bradley and others)
  • Customized services with HMI pages in any required language
  • Online, direct Customer Service
  • On-site commissioning of equipment
  • Dedicated Training for all solutions.

Auxiliary Equipment

Materials Handling Systems receive, store, protect, weigh and distribute materials throughout the steelmaking process. Focus is on mechanical equipment, complex systems and intelligent automation to rapidly execute recipes.

Sarralle Scrap Yard Technology comprises:

  • Layout optimization
  • Scrap cleaning system
  • Scrap pre-heating solutions
  • All required equipment.

Turn-key Projects

With decades of experience in the steel industry, SARRALLE covers all project stages: engineering, manufacturing, erection and start-up.

SARRALLE offers all kinds of Turn-Key Projects, supporting customers in project monitoring and providing full control during all steps of the project.

Engineering and Metalworking Services

SARRALLE is also a service center, specialized in working any type of metal in its most complex forms and narrowest tolerances. SARRALLE’s proprietary technology and its highly qualified staff are able to supply any kind of high-precision metalworking for small, medium and large production series.

After Sales Service

SARRALLE provides a complete range of after sales services such as:

  • Supervision, commissioning and erection services
  • Consultancy Services in all related technological fields
  • Steelmaking process Know-How
  • Maintenance Management
  • All kinds of melt shop Spare Parts.

Rolling Mills

BS-TECH S.L. offers engineering, procurement & construction and consultancy management with a developed technology for the production of bars and wire rod from billets

Products and Services

Bar Rolling Mills

GRUPO SARRALLE offers a complete range of solutions to achieve market needs such as:

  • Rebars: 8 mm to 50 mm
  • Round bars: 20 mm to 90 mm
  • Hexagonals: 25 mm to 62 mm.

With the help of a complete Bar Rolling Mill project:

  • Mill stands
  • Flying shears and crop shears
  • Thermo-mechanical treatment
  • Loopers
  • Gear-boxes
  • Cooling bed and bar exit.

Wire Rod Mills

With the latest technology, and searching maximum efficiency for our customers, GRUPO SARRALLE offers complete Wire Rod Mill solutions:

  • Mill stands
  • High-speed wire rod blocks
  • Pinch Rolls
  • Laying heads with cooling conveyors
  • Thermo-mechanical treatment.

Section Mills

GRUPO SARRALLE designs installations for the production of a range of light-section profiles.

Reheating Furnaces

Supply of Reheating Furnaces from 50 to 180 tonnes based on in-house and proprietary engineering, including key components.

  • Pusher Type
  • Walking hearth
  • Walking beam.

Electrics and Automation

GRUPO SARRALLE offers comprehensive solutions for all technological control systems and provides complete automation of Rolling Mills.

Surfin – Rolling Mill Surface Inspection

The Surfin is an automated surface inspection system created to carry out 100% quality control in hot (1100 ºC) and cold continuous process lines. This technology allows to detect surface defects such as cracks, folds, scratch marks, holes and roll marks.

Download Surfin Brochure to have more technical information.


Hot Charge

GRUPO SARRALLE designs and manufactures complete solutions for hot charging from Continuous Casting cooling bed directly to Rolling Mill.

Coil Processing Lines

SARCOIL S.L. is an engineering company in the GRUPO SARRALLE, with extended experience in the design, construction and turn-key installation of Coil Processing Lines for the complete range of coils presently produced by the steel industry. This range includes the biggest coils produced until now, considering thickness (extra heavy gauge coils), weight and width.

Products and Services

Slitting Lines

Materials HR & CR coils, carbon steel, stainless steel, coated coils, tinplate, aluminum
Material Thickness 0.14 to 25.4 mm
Coil Width 500 to 2,550 mm
Coil Weight up to 40 tonnes
Line Speeds up to 300 m/min

Cut-to-Length Lines

Materials HR & CR coils, carbon steel, stainless steel, coated coils, tinplate, aluminum
Material Thickness 0.4 to 25.4 mm
Coil Width 500 to 2,550 mm
Coil Weight up to 40 tonnes
Line Speeds up to 120 m/min

Rollforming/Punching Lines

Materials HR & CR coils, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum
Material Thickness 0.2 to 7 mm
Coil Width up to 1,550 mm
Coil Speeds up to 100 m/min
Working Principle operation with on-line punching and flying cutting

Welded Tube /Profile Mills

Materials HR & CR coils, carbon steel, stainless steel
Material Thickness 0.8 to 7.11 mm
Tube Diameters 1/2" to 7"
Coil Speeds up to 150 m/min

Continuous Sandwich-Panel Lines

Materials carbon steel, galvanized or painted, copper, aluminium
Material Thickness standard from 0.4 to 0.6 mm
Coil Width up to 1,250 mm
Insulating Material PUR, PIR, rockwool and others
Panel Thickness 20 to 150mm
Line Speeds up to 20 m/min

Tinplate Slitting & Cut-to-Lenght Lines

Materials tinplate, TFS, blackplate
Material Thickness 0.12 to 0.4 mm
Coil Width up to 1,200 mm
Coil Weight standard up to 15,000 kg
Line Speeds up to 175 m/min
Specific Feature quick change of cutting tool (straight or pre-scroll cut)

Slit-Coil Packaging Lines

Materials HR & CR coils, carbon steel, stainless steel
Coil Diameter as per requirements
Coil Width as per requirements
Coil Weight as per requirements
Line Capacity up to 60 strips/hour

Cored Wire Mills

Core Materials as per requirements
Material Thickness 0.35 to 0.60 mm
Wire Diameter 6 - 9 - 13 mm
Output Coil weight 3,000 kg
Line Speeds up to 130 m/min

Heavy-Gauge Slitting, Recoiling & Cut-to-Length Lines

Materials high-strength steels
Thickness up to 25.4 mm
Coil Width up to 2,550 mm
Coil Weight up to 40 tonnes


  • Research & Development
  • Case Studies
  • Guarantee of original spare parts
  • Upgrading & Revamping of existing lines
  • On-Site Erection and Commissioning by our own Mechanical and Automation Engineers
  • Training for Line Operators and Maintenance personnel
  • Remote Troubleshooting via Modem
  • Guaranteed, fast remote Electronic Support by our own Engineers (Electric Equipment of proprietary design).

Workshop Equipment

Since 1971 SARRALLE MUEBLES METÁLICOS S.L. is engaged in the design, manufacture and commercialization of storage and workspace optimization products with the related costs rationalization and integral Logistics Solutions.

Products and Logistics Solutions

Logistics Solutions

GRUPO SARRALLE engineers are specialized in the best, unique, Logistics Solutions to meet all Customers’ needs considering space, use, functionality and aesthetics.
image Epsilon Euskadi
image ALSA Warehouse


SARRALLE Workbenches are capable of fulfilling their task on any industrial site thanks to their simple configuration and appealing aesthetics.

Tool Racks

Tool Racks are ideal to orderly store working tools.


Cabinets allow users to orderly store working tools and accessories.

Locker Rooms

Locker Rooms keep personal clothes, implements and belongings in a clean and orderly way, in workshops, garages, warehouses, offices and sports facilities. Furthermore, as a complementary of lockers, SARRALLE presents a series of tables and benches.

CNC Cabinets and Trolleys

The tool-holder cabinets and Trolleys allow tools for machines to be stored orderly and with easy access.

Tool Trolleys

In order to serve for storage purpose, these Trolleys are in fact used to transport tools to various workstations within an industrial installation.


Racks have been specially designed so as to make the best possible use of the walls in warehouses as well as to solve storage problems.

Fireproof Cabinets

Fireproof cabinets are intended for storing containers for flammable liquids and are manufactured according to UNE-EN 14470 (EI 90=RF90 fire resistance certified (inside temperature is maintained below a gradient of 180ºCelsius when outside temperature reaches 1000ºCelsius) which prescribes the design of these.

Other Products

SARRALLE have other products to meet all user needs.

Green Energy

SARTECH ENGINEERING S.L. offers a complete scope of engineering, construction, technical and consulting services, specialized in Energy and Waste Recovery projects for environment-friendly industries. We care for a greener world and in our conception, waste is no longer refuse, but an opportunity.

The worldwide demand for energy and resources increases every day and there is a huge need to develop new production technologies and systems. SARTECH considers waste an opportunity and not a problem. Producing and recovering from waste is an added value in an environment-friendly society.

  • Waste to Energy:the first step of the process is to assure that the recyclable material is separated from the waste, in order to recycle as much useful material as possible. Energy can be recovered from waste by different technologies:
    • Incineration: Urban Solid Waste (USW) is burned at 850 ºC in a combustion boiler where the released heat is captured. The heat from the combustion is used to fire a boiler, which in turn generates hot water or steam. The steam powers a turbine and a generator that produces electric energy.
    • Bio-gas Upgrading: the bio-gas produced in anaerobic digestion plants is treated and converted to bio-methane for the gas gird, using appropriate gas scrubbing and injection technologies.
    • Biomass: we supply energy production systems for many different types of biomass fuel regardless of which end-product the customer may need: heat and steam, electric energy or syn-gas. We have developed different feeding technologies suitable for various types of biomass available across the world.
  • Heat Exchange and Co-Generation projects: SARRALLE have developed solutions for different industries in order to recover the energy produced in the production activities. These solutions work in very different industries: steel-making, cement, DRI, glass a.s.o.

Engineering Services

SARTECH ENGINEERING S.L. offers a complete array of reliability services

Sartech Engineering offers a complete array of reliability services:

  • Project management: SARTECH's team of professionals has the best systematic and control skills to ensure successful execution of projects, managing quality and deliver time.
  • Civil works: the diversity of SARTECH's civil works enables the organization to target and accommodate a broad customer base, including clients from both the public and private sector. We deliver a wide range of specialist services.
  • Layout studies: SARTECH's target is to fulfill our customer expectations - to design a flexible manufacturing facility. Factories of the future must be easily adaptable and operate close to the limits of their technical capacity. In order to meet market demands, customers need a flexible layout solution, which allows new builds, factory extensions or modifications to provide comprehensive functionality of the entire factory.
  • Engineering development: for electrical, mechanical, utilities and control and automation fields, SARTECH provides the entire range of project engineering from conceptual and detailed design to construction and start-up engineering.
  • Facilities engineering: the heart of facility engineering is the provision of support engineers to work closely with client asset operations to execute or manage facility modifications and projects.
  • EPC Projects: We are proficient at managing every aspect of customer's project and handle everything from engineering, permitting and procurement to full construction. SARTECH Engineering will ensure that customer's installation is finished on time and within budget.
  • Services: erection, commissioning and maintenance services are performed by a highly qualified and skilled team. Our site teams are motivated to deliver the best solutions within the contractual period.