SARRALLE stands as a leader in Wire Rod Mills, known as the F1 of rolling mills, where achieving unparalleled speed becomes the ultimate goal. Speed, control, process precision, and metallurgical excellence are the cornerstones of success in this domain, and SARRALLE, boasting a team of specialists with decades of experience, excels in delivering cutting-edge solutions.



  • Expertise in Action: As a driving force in long rolling technology, SARRALLE leverages its knowledge and experience to provide the best solutions in terms of technology, reliability, and investment payback. This is particularly crucial in a competitive market, where achieving the right balance is essential.


  • Versatile Applications: SARRALLE's Wire Rod Mills cover a wide spectrum of applications, from commercial grades to the best Special Bar Quality (SBQ) grades. The combination of in-house developed devices ensures close dimensional tolerance, metallurgical quality, uniformity, and impeccable surface quality.


  • Key In-House Devices:
  1. High-speed finishing blocks: Engineered for optimal performance in achieving the desired speed and precision.
  2. SARTHERM cooling lines laying head: Incorporating the latest state-of-the-art cooling technology to ensure efficient and effective cooling.
  3. Cooling Conveyors: Equipped with high-efficiency cooling fans and insulated covers, enhancing the overall cooling process.
  4. Coil forming chamber: Designed with a device for better distribution of wraps inside coils, ensuring a compact and well-shaped coil.
  5. Horizontal and Vertical coil handling systems: Complete with compacting and tying devices for streamlined and efficient handling.


  • Ultra-High-Speed Wire Rod Lines: SARRALLE's ultra-high-speed wire rod lines cater to the production of rounds ranging from 4.5 to 27 mm diameter wire rod bars in coils. Achieving production speeds exceeding 125 m/s with strict size tolerances, these lines can be seamlessly attached to a bar mill. With coil sizes of up to 3 tons, our wire rod lines, featuring the latest state-of-the-art Finishing Block, guarantee reliable productivity and the highest quality products.


  • Optimized Product Quality and Output Capacity: The harmonious combination of process knowledge and equipment quality results in superior product quality and output capacity. This not only improves material yield but also enhances overall plant efficiency, leading to substantial savings in operational expenditure (OPEX).


In summary, SARRALLE's Wire Rod Mills exemplify the perfect amalgamation of speed, precision, and metallurgical excellence. With a focus on cutting-edge technology, versatility, and optimal efficiency, our wire rod lines set the standard for quality and productivity in the industry.