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The different Modular Counters are achieved from joining various Drawer Cabinets to each other. Basic criteria so as to self-design the most suitable Counter for the specific requirements of each user, are as follows:
1. Defining the shape and dimensions of the counter.
2. Defining the models of cabinets making up the counter.
3. Type of top cover.
4. Defining whether the bottom KICKING PLATE is to be incorporated or not.
5. Other options (portholes, desks).

Models of cabinets for counters

Depending on the different cabinets making up the counter, the following parameters are to be taken into account: Cabinets with the same depth. Cabinets with different depth. Cabinets with different heights.

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Kicking plates

It is used to make the assembly of Counters easier because of the built-in levellers, since many floor surfaces in an apparently good condition have irregularities, which might have an effect on the perfect joint of all the elements affecting (...)

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